About Lennert ~ Turn and Twist
AcroYoga en Yoga in Haarlem, Leiden en Den Haag.
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About Lennert

Lennert has always been fascinated by action and movement, and he got a very sportive background. Through injuries and short muscles – caused by extreme endurance sports -, he follows the advice of his physiotherapist to start practicing yoga. First of all to get his muscles back to length to recover from injuries and to prevent injuries in future. Soon he also gets interested in the mental, emotional, and spiritual practices.
In short time AcroYoga came on his path, and a second passion had been born! He changes direction, attends various teacher and AcroYoga teacher trainings, and continues his career as a yoga en AcroYoga teacher. He loves sharing your passion with you!

For more information about Lennert, check his website Lennert Stevens

March 2018​ AcroYoga Lunar Immersion (5 days), AcroYoga International (München/DL)
June 2018 ​Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200+ hr), Arhanta (Sinderen/NL)
July 2018 ​AcroYoga Solar Immersion (5 days), AcroYoga International (Barcelona/SP)
July/Aug 2018​ AcroYoga Teacher Training (18 days), AcroYoga International (Berlijn/DL)