About Yvonne ~ Turn and Twist
AcroYoga en Yoga in Haarlem, Leiden en Den Haag.
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About Yvonne

Yvonne is founder of Turn & Twist. She offers various services and activities, like Yoga, AcroYoga, Aerial Yoga, Thai Massage, coaching in all kind of forms. She works both as an individual, as with different partners.

Yvonne started her physical yoga journey in 2004. Many of the asananas (postures) looked and felt familiar to her. Being an active and playful child, she often stood on her hands and head already, felt into splits, and wrapped her legs around her neck. She even did candle and nauli, a pranayama exercise, just for fun. “It felt great!”.
The first 10 years of her practice, she’s influenced a lot by the practice in tradition of Iyengar, with a lot of attention to ‘correct’ alignment. Slowly she started to like the less static asana practice, and she moved more to ashtanga vinyasa yoga. After a while, also AcroYoga & Aerial Yoga came along. She loves sharing her passion for yoga, Aerial Yoga en AcroYoga and teachers these practices already for quite some time.

Maart 2012​ Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training (200+ hr), Kranti Yoga (Goa/IN)
Juli 2012 ​Thai Massage (12 days), Sunshine Network (Lahu Village/TH)
Feb-Dec 2014 ​Svaha Yoga Teacher Training (500+ hr), Svaha Yoga (Amsterdam/NL)
Mei 2015 Vipassana (10 days), Dhamma Malaya (Kuantan/MY)
Maart 2018 ​AcroYoga Lunar Immersion (5 days), AcroYoga International (München/DL)
Juli 2018 ​AcroYoga Solar Immersion (5 days), AcroYoga International (Barcelona/SP)
Juli/Aug 2018​ AcroYoga Teacher Training (18 dagen), AcroYoga International (Berlin/DL)
Nov 2018 Aerial Yoga, Restore and Recharge, HomYogaBreda (Mijdrecht/NL)
Dec 2018/Jan 2019 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Aerial Yoga Nederland (Landsmeer/NL)

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