AcroYoga ~ Turn and Twist
AcroYoga en Yoga in Haarlem, Leiden en Den Haag.
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Moved by Touch
Partner Acrobatics

Partner Acrobatics

Do you want to raise your energy? Flying high? Meet like-minded people and connect with other happy monkeys? Join us in one of our AcroYoga lesson series or workshops in Haarlem, Leiden, or The Hague! Check the calendar for classes and workshops.

Therapeutic Flying

Therapeutic Flying

Do you wanna have some lazy men’s yoga in the air? Then this is your practice! You’ll be turned and twisted on the hands and feet of your fellow monkey. Coming out in total delight! Check the calendar for lunar workshops or book a private flight!

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Getting a Thai Massage is like going to a yogaclass without effort. Just relaxing on the back you get this called ‘lazy men’s yoga’ treatment. Contact us via the contact form, or check the calendar on lunar workshops.

What is AcroYoga?

First of all: AcroYoga is fun! It connects you with yourself and with other, it raises your energy, it’s empowering and it makes people move and laugh. AcroYoga is a combination of yoga, (partner-)acrobatics and Thai Massage. Within the practice, there is a solar practice and a lunar practice.

The solar practice consists of yoga and partner-acrobatics and so is more active, empowering and gives you loads of joy and happiness. Often we’re finishing these classes and workshops with a bit of Thai massage to get the adrenalin down so you can sleep well and happy as a baby!

The lunar practice, as it’s already in the name, is a more quiet and healing practice, where ‘therapeutic flying’ (you’ll receive a massage in the air!) and Thai massage are the main elements. It leaves you with a calm and relaxed feeling.

And, the best part is… It isn’t difficult to learn at all! You will be surprised what you can do in short time with the right guidance and instructions, and how it leaves you joyful, happy and connected.